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Friday, April 10, 2009

Yosemite Sam

I finally got my arse up to Yosemite. My cousin Veronica came up and we drove up there to hike around with Samwise. Actually, he was carried most of the time, but we did a lot of walking. Here's some pics from our Yosemite adventure:

Veronica drinks Bridalveil Falls.

It's tough being cute.

Hmm, I'm concerned.

Exploring a haunted cave.

My Nancy Drew pic. We do have the same initials.

Walking to Mirror Lake.

Natalie feeds the tiny deer.

Veronica pets the tiny deer.

We made it to Mirror Lake.

A Natalie sighting.

Veronica moves into a tipi.

I call this my I'm-A-Nature-Loving-Hippie-And-I'm-Pregnant-With-A-Puppy picture.

I can't talk about our trek to Yosemite without mentioning that Sam continues to shine like a star wherever we go. It's almost like he's a celebrity. Here are just a few pics of his adoring fans:

Attack of the Plastic Wrap Children!

Until next time...

Natalie and the Celebrity Dog

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  1. Great pics. The Nancy Drew pic is my favorite because I am a Nancy Drew fan since forever. :D Yep, Samwise is definitely a Celebrity Dog, he is not only cute, he has personality.