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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tourist In My Own Town

Going back to my home town always feels like time traveling. The local radio stations are still playing songs from 10 years ago and calling them "the hits of today." Some things never change.

What have I been up to? Let me paint you a picture. There's that scene in Reality Bites where Winona Ryder can't find a job so she sits on the couch all day talking to the psychic hotline and then her roomate is basically like, "Hey, you're running up the phone bill. It's time to get off your lazy ass."

Remember that scene? That's how I feel. Just replace the roommate with a puppy and the psychic hotline with picking up poop.

My next big trip isn't until the end of May when I'll be going to Florida and the Bahamas. I was hoping to have some steady temp work by now, but so far I got nothin'. So I want to start making the most of my time. I want to start viewing life through the eyes of a tourist. Tourists often get a bad rap, but at least they take notice of the beauty around them. Hell, I haven't even been to Yosemite since I got here (my parents live about 20 minutes south of the entrance). Time to step it up, Natalie!

One thing I've learned on this trip is how much I love the simple moments in life. I go on and on about how much I crave adventure. But within those big adventures, it's the little moments that I cherish--good conversation over a homecooked meal, watching the snow fall in a new city, swapping life stories with a stranger on a train. I LOVE those moments.

So I'm getting off the couch and going after life! Stay tuned for home town adventures. L.A., I miss you like crazy, but I'm not ready to go back just yet. I hope all is well. I think about you all the time. I'll be back before you know it!


ps. Due to popular demand, here are more pictures of my puppy:

Sam likes to fall asleep in strange places. Sometimes he just sits above my shoulder when I'm reading. I think he's teaching himself to read.

Climbing on rocks.

Frolicking in the grass.

I'm cute.


  1. Who says, Janie's Got A Gun by Aerosmith isn't a latest hit?

  2. You do realize that by calling yourself a tourist you are now fair game for "tourist squirting". When I come down in May I'll be sure to bring my super soaker...

  3. Hey, being a tourist in your own home town sounds great. Actually your Uncle and I did that one summer. We made a list of all the places we wanted to see, like we were vacationing right here at home. It was fun. Sometimes you forget your own backyard is full of fun stuff to do. Enjoy, remember LA will be there when you return. And, Samwise is a cutie. :D Keep posting those pictures. Take care.

  4. What a classic line..."Remember that scene? That's how I feel. Just replace the roommate with a puppy and the psychic hotline with picking up poop." You need to bring Samwise to visit us one day. Belle needs a play date :-)