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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Here I am again trying to come up with a witty blog entry. The problem is I haven't been doing much. Just begging for money on street corners and trying to give my puppy a bath (which he hates). I have been getting to spend more time with friends in Oakhurst and I got to thinking, it's pretty cool that I'm still close with friends I've had since grade school!

The other night I was craving a mindless comedy so I went to see 17 Again (I hate to say it, but Zac Efron did a good job. I really believed he was a 37-year-old man stuck in a 17-year-old body). So in the spirit of that movie, I will post some pics of my friends and I when we were young along with our recent pics.

Did a little shopping with Tammy and Baby McKenzie in Fresburg:

Quick! Take a picture of me looking maternal.

Serious Tammy.

And here we are at our 8th grade graduation. Looking good, ladies.

I also hung out with Kristina, Kim, and baby Kate the other day at Kristina's mom's house. We played with the baby while the dogs became friends.

Sam makes a new friend.

Wait for me!

Here we are with our babies.

And here we are at 15, modeling in a tree.

After poring over old pictures, I dug open a box of journals. It's funny to read old journals in the same room where I wrote them. I leave you now with wisdom from a journal I kept at 17:

Monday, October 26, 1998

I couldn't handle being in school today. I was sitting in my Econ class (it's the most boring class I have). I was just sitting there takine notes and listening to Mr. M go on and on and on about our government and I don't like the majority of the class and I don't know how to explain it. I just couldn't sit there any longer. I wanted to run outside and scream or something. It was just so boring and monotonous and routine that I just didn't want to be there any longer. So I told Mr. M that I was going to the bathroom and just went outside and sat on the steps in the sunshine. I don't remember thinking about anything in particular. I was just sort of sitting there. It made me realize that that's how my future will be. There's no way I'll be able to live a regular, routine, 8 to 5 job, kind of life. I have to explore the world and see new things and enjoy the life that God has given me. I sat on the steps until class was over and managed to sit through the next three periods.

Silly teen Natalie. Even at 17 I was trying to avoid the inevitable.

On that note, six more weeks till I leave for Mark and Kellye's wedding in the Bahamas! Whoo hoo!



  1. The best entry yet :)

    Loved the pictures - Thanks for the laughs!

  2. Wow, how cool to see those old photos of you and your friends! The modeling in the tree is the best! Its always crazy to read old journal entries too- especially when they are some what insightful. :)

  3. Very interesting. So you have always been and adventurer. Actually, it is not a surprise for those who have known you all your life. :) Glad you are enjoying this time with your friends. And, can't post without commenting on little Sam, he is so adorable and adaptable. Fun that you can take him everywhere with you and he fits right in. People and other pets, Samwise is at home and friendly. How cute is that!!!