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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Here I am again trying to come up with a witty blog entry. The problem is I haven't been doing much. Just begging for money on street corners and trying to give my puppy a bath (which he hates). I have been getting to spend more time with friends in Oakhurst and I got to thinking, it's pretty cool that I'm still close with friends I've had since grade school!

The other night I was craving a mindless comedy so I went to see 17 Again (I hate to say it, but Zac Efron did a good job. I really believed he was a 37-year-old man stuck in a 17-year-old body). So in the spirit of that movie, I will post some pics of my friends and I when we were young along with our recent pics.

Did a little shopping with Tammy and Baby McKenzie in Fresburg:

Quick! Take a picture of me looking maternal.

Serious Tammy.

And here we are at our 8th grade graduation. Looking good, ladies.

I also hung out with Kristina, Kim, and baby Kate the other day at Kristina's mom's house. We played with the baby while the dogs became friends.

Sam makes a new friend.

Wait for me!

Here we are with our babies.

And here we are at 15, modeling in a tree.

After poring over old pictures, I dug open a box of journals. It's funny to read old journals in the same room where I wrote them. I leave you now with wisdom from a journal I kept at 17:

Monday, October 26, 1998

I couldn't handle being in school today. I was sitting in my Econ class (it's the most boring class I have). I was just sitting there takine notes and listening to Mr. M go on and on and on about our government and I don't like the majority of the class and I don't know how to explain it. I just couldn't sit there any longer. I wanted to run outside and scream or something. It was just so boring and monotonous and routine that I just didn't want to be there any longer. So I told Mr. M that I was going to the bathroom and just went outside and sat on the steps in the sunshine. I don't remember thinking about anything in particular. I was just sort of sitting there. It made me realize that that's how my future will be. There's no way I'll be able to live a regular, routine, 8 to 5 job, kind of life. I have to explore the world and see new things and enjoy the life that God has given me. I sat on the steps until class was over and managed to sit through the next three periods.

Silly teen Natalie. Even at 17 I was trying to avoid the inevitable.

On that note, six more weeks till I leave for Mark and Kellye's wedding in the Bahamas! Whoo hoo!


Friday, April 10, 2009

Yosemite Sam

I finally got my arse up to Yosemite. My cousin Veronica came up and we drove up there to hike around with Samwise. Actually, he was carried most of the time, but we did a lot of walking. Here's some pics from our Yosemite adventure:

Veronica drinks Bridalveil Falls.

It's tough being cute.

Hmm, I'm concerned.

Exploring a haunted cave.

My Nancy Drew pic. We do have the same initials.

Walking to Mirror Lake.

Natalie feeds the tiny deer.

Veronica pets the tiny deer.

We made it to Mirror Lake.

A Natalie sighting.

Veronica moves into a tipi.

I call this my I'm-A-Nature-Loving-Hippie-And-I'm-Pregnant-With-A-Puppy picture.

I can't talk about our trek to Yosemite without mentioning that Sam continues to shine like a star wherever we go. It's almost like he's a celebrity. Here are just a few pics of his adoring fans:

Attack of the Plastic Wrap Children!

Until next time...

Natalie and the Celebrity Dog

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tourist In My Own Town

Going back to my home town always feels like time traveling. The local radio stations are still playing songs from 10 years ago and calling them "the hits of today." Some things never change.

What have I been up to? Let me paint you a picture. There's that scene in Reality Bites where Winona Ryder can't find a job so she sits on the couch all day talking to the psychic hotline and then her roomate is basically like, "Hey, you're running up the phone bill. It's time to get off your lazy ass."

Remember that scene? That's how I feel. Just replace the roommate with a puppy and the psychic hotline with picking up poop.

My next big trip isn't until the end of May when I'll be going to Florida and the Bahamas. I was hoping to have some steady temp work by now, but so far I got nothin'. So I want to start making the most of my time. I want to start viewing life through the eyes of a tourist. Tourists often get a bad rap, but at least they take notice of the beauty around them. Hell, I haven't even been to Yosemite since I got here (my parents live about 20 minutes south of the entrance). Time to step it up, Natalie!

One thing I've learned on this trip is how much I love the simple moments in life. I go on and on about how much I crave adventure. But within those big adventures, it's the little moments that I cherish--good conversation over a homecooked meal, watching the snow fall in a new city, swapping life stories with a stranger on a train. I LOVE those moments.

So I'm getting off the couch and going after life! Stay tuned for home town adventures. L.A., I miss you like crazy, but I'm not ready to go back just yet. I hope all is well. I think about you all the time. I'll be back before you know it!


ps. Due to popular demand, here are more pictures of my puppy:

Sam likes to fall asleep in strange places. Sometimes he just sits above my shoulder when I'm reading. I think he's teaching himself to read.

Climbing on rocks.

Frolicking in the grass.

I'm cute.