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Monday, March 16, 2009

Leaving Las Vegas

Samwise and I hit the open road and are now home in Oakhurst for a bit. I need some time to train a puppy and work odd jobs to make money for some more traveling. Thank you so much to the Wheelan family for letting me stay at your place, but most of all I want to thank you for my little puppy! I'm sure I'll be calling you with more puppy questions soon. So much to learn. I can't wait to take him to Yosemite!

Before I gush about Samwise some more, let me recap the other Vegas events. Amanda works at Le Reve at the Wynn so I got to see the show for free. I love free.

The show was pretty crazy with all the people swimming and flipping down from the rafters and what not. Amanda warned me there would be a suprise that might involve getting out of my seat. I didn't know what to expect. Toward the end, the four goofball characters in the show came up to my seat and made me give them a hug (the joke was that the one guy wouldn't let go). I was a hit. And now I can say I performed in two shows in Vegas (the other one was Chippendales). Yep, I'm well on my way to becoming a star. Afterward I got to go backstage and see where the magic happens. I get the coolest hook-ups from my friends!

Next stop was dancing at XS Nightclub at Encore.

Pre-Chippendales dinner and drinks.

Ah, sweet sangria.

Post-Chippendales karaoke at Aloha Grill. NO ONE was there.

I'm not kidding. Look how empty that place was. We sang for 2 1/2 hours straight. The only other person there was the nameless KJ/bartender.

This time with feeling!

Random pic of me and Sam. He's sleeping.

Went to Spanky's Pub for more karaoke and pool.

Action shot! Yeah, I suck at pool.

So many songs to choose from. Frustration squiggle!

We made friends with a group of cowboys and cowgirls. Good times.

This is me and Sam on our way to pick up the rental car. Sometimes if he's scared he climbs up and sits on my shoulders (don't worry, I didn't drive with him like that).

We're about to embark on our big adventure!

Here's a map of our journey. Oh wait, that's not a map of Vegas to Fresno? I got my Samwise Gamgees mixed up.

DOES IT GET ANY CUTER THAN THIS? I submit that it cannot. Sam was such a good traveler. The trip was about seven hours including stops, and he behaved himself pretty well. Except when I got a diet coke. He kept barking at it. I think he was warning me that soda is bad. We got lost and ended up on Route 66 at some point. I blame Samwise for distracting me with his cuteness. He's adjusting pretty well to his new home.

Everyone loves Sammy! He wasn't sure what to think of little McKenzie, but she definitely liked him.

Okay, dedicated readers. Stay tuned for more adventures with Nomad Natalie and Samwise Gamgee...


  1. That last picture is one of my favorites... He sounds like he is about to be attached to your hip (or behind your neck) either or- he is adorable!

  2. Natalie, I cannot adequately express my infatuation with Samwise. I really am bursting with excitement and anticipation at meeting him! He is so friggin' adorable - I just have no words. You two look like you make a great pair. You've found your perfect traveling companion!

  3. I want to eat that picture of Samwise and McKenzie its so adorable.

  4. We have some really cute children, don't we?