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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Blog Entry From Samwise

Hey, everybody. It's me, Sam the dog. Natalie has been bad about posting entries, so I volunteered. She's doing good. Spends most of her days playing with me and looking for jobs so we can keep traveling.

As for me, I'm liking my new digs. Lots of stuff to chew on. Whenever I poop or pee outside, everyone cheers. It's really kind of embarassing. I don't know what all the fuss is about. Natalie also likes to take LOTS of pictures of me. Here's a few:

That's me at the vet. Not fun. Natalie is giving me that fake pouty face. Yeah, laugh it up, sista. I'm gonna poop on the carpet when we get home!

That's me and Grandpa. He's putty in my hands.

There are so many kids and babies in this town. It's crazy! They look small, but I'm not sure I trust them yet. This is baby Kate. She seems sweet.

Speaking of babies, I think Auntie Stephanie is getting one soon. Something to do with big bellies and showers and then the litter comes in May. I can't quite keep up with it all. But I did get to go on a car trip again to a magical place called Orange County where I met lots of cats and children.

That's me before the baby shower started. Grandpa and Uncle Matt took me to a park, but I made an appearance at the end of the shower. Now I know what the Beatles must have felt like! People couldn't get enough of me!

That's me and mama. I love her.

I stayed at two different places with cats, and let me tell ya, cats are BORING. They would not play with me at all. But their toys are super fun to play with.

That's me with Grandma on the car ride back. And guess what I saw when I got home?

SNOW! Have you ever seen it before? It's amazing. Only problem is it's cold.

Last but not least, I was asked to make an appearance at Miss Angie's (ie Grandma's) preschool class today. Look out, Mr. Winkle! There's a new dog in town.

Okay, okay. So maybe I freaked out just a little bit and had to leave after a few minutes. Yes, I was shaking and hiding. Hey, the place smelled scary! What else could I do?

But now I'm back home, biting everyone's feet. Ah, the good life. I'll make sure Natalie posts more frequently. Apparently there are more trips planned for the near future. Then in the summer we'll be moving to L.A. She keeps mumbling about how much she misses L.A. but isn't quite ready to move back yet. As long as there are toes to bite and toys to chew, L.A. will be all right with me.

Samwise Gamgee


  1. Good thing Natalie has you, little Samwise Gamgee to help her with her postings. Love all the pictures of you and hearing about your fun adventures. Can't believe you had snow. Wow!! Have to tell you we sure missed you when you left our house. Not sure if the kitties miss you. They did enjoy checking out your smell when you left. They are tooooo funny. You, and Natalie are welcomed at our house anytime. Love ya both. :)

  2. Thank you Samwise! I love to hear about how you and your mommy are doing. Did I tell you recently that I miss you terribly? Well, I do. And I miss your mommy too. Bite her toes for me, k? Love ya!

  3. HAHA this is hilarious! Belle wants to say hello and that you should add her as a friend on Dogbook...

  4. Snow?! Good grief! Hope you made some yellow, thats fun. :)