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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day In Portland

I took the bus to the Pearl District on Valentine's Day. I don't use public transportation that often, so I always get nervous. Everyone else seems to know what they're doing. I'm always holding up the line by dropping money and asking the driver all sorts of questions. Saturday was no different.

"You dropped your glove," someone said to me as I took my seat on the bus.

"Thanks," I said. I turned around and noticed the kind stranger was a very cute guy.

Our life together flashed before my eyes. We'd get off the bus at the same stop. He'd see that I was lost and offer to show me around. The bridemaids would wear green and carry bouquets of yellow roses.

"I still remember your first words me to," I'll say one morning over cups of espresso while the kids play outside with the dog. "'You dropped your glove.'"

"You were so cute," he'd say. "And you looked so lost."

How fitting that we met on Valentine's Day...

Back to reality. He didn't get off at the same bus stop. Oh well. You know, upon closer inspection he had weird facial hair. It's probably best I ended things when I did.

Once in the Pearl District, I found it surprisingly lacking in Valentine's Day decor. Isn't that strange? No smooching couples or red scarves or giant hearts painted on store windows. With the exception of my bus fantasy and some wilted roses in front of a 7-Eleven, the only sign of Valentine's Day I saw was this:

I'm not sure what looked funnier--a lone heart balloon tied to a trash can or me taking a picture of a lone heart balloon tied to a trash can. Despite the lack of V-day decor I did manage to fall in love...

...with Powell's! It's a bookstore that fills a whole city block. Oh man, I was in heaven. I was going to stop for lunch first because my stomach was growling, but as soon as I walked in I forgot I was hungry. That's how much I loved it.

More pics to come...

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