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Friday, February 13, 2009

SNOW-homish and Seattle Recap

I wrote my previous blog entry at a Panera Bread in a town near Snohomish while eating a hot cup of French onion soup. Delicious! There was an AMC down the street, so I decided I would go see a movie. Yes, a movie would be the perfect way to end the evening. And then I heard a Panera employee yell to his coworker, "Hey man, it's snowing pretty good right now!"


Sure enough, it was snowing like crazy. The drive back to Brooke's was so scary! The snow was starting to stick and I didn't know the roads very well and it was dark and woodsy and scary! I debated about pulling over and calling Brooke to rescue me. It was a good 10 years since I last drove in the snow. I was 17 years old on my way to work. As I turned down the steep driveway to Hallmark I slid into a pipe and messed up the front of my parents' jeep. The only customer I remember even showing up that day was some guy returning a lava lamp, so I had plenty of time to think about the impending wrath of my dad.

No sliding this time. I left early enough and the roads weren't too icy. After making my dramatic entrance at Brooke's ("I'm okay, everybody! I made it alive!") she made me a hot cup of cocoa and read a chapter from a David Sedaris book. And all was right with the world.

Luckily, the snow melted quickly the next day. Here's a picture recap of the rest of the trip:

I've already seen the Space Needle, but figured I should include it in my blog. It was too rainy to actually get out of the car, so I snapped a picture from inside. Clearly I was in a McDonald's parking lot.

Dinner at Lola's. Brooke treated me to an early birthday dinner since I won't see her on my actual birthday. Thanks, B! Also thanks to Brittany for the new Kanye album and the curly hair product. Hip hop and haircare is the way to my heart. You're a doll.

Yay for early birthday treats!

The Can Can Caberet Show. $6.12 of awesomeness!

Scantily clad guys and gals dancing on a very small stage to crazy fun dance music. Sometimes there were pulleys involved. Hilarious and amazing.

That guy in the hat is ruining my candid group photo.

Brooke (aka Madame Mystery)

One night I literally begged Justin and Brooke to take me to Taco Bell. They finally gave in. I don't think Brooke understands my love for Taco Bell at 2am.

Yay for Taco Bell!

One night I put on a very hilarious puppet show, if I do say so myself (no, I was not drunk). I think I've found my calling.

Aww, Jasper. I'll miss you most of all.

Brooke, thanks so much for letting me stay with you. I miss you already. It was sad to leave Seattle. I was just getting to used to it. I'll be back before you know it.

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  1. Um, correction. I do believe you *were* drunk. At least I'm pretty sure Pierre was. I'm not sure about Sara Lee. She was kind of a wet blanket. Always gotta bust Pierre's chops, you know. Or as they say in Francais: éclater mes côtelettes. Actually, no one says that. Except Pierre.

    We miss you!

    Love, Madame Mystery