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Friday, January 30, 2009

Good Morning, Seattle!

I made it to Seattle! I don't have a whole lot to tell because I just got in on Wednesday. Yesterday was a travel recovery day for me. Slept in, did some reading and writing, cleaned up dog pee (Jasper gets really excited around new people). I've just been chillin' with Brooke, my hostess and dear friend. It's been too long since we've hung out, so I'm super excited to spend time with her. She and Justin have been very welcoming. Check out my welcome sign:

I haven't taken many pictures yet, but here's some pics of my digs in Snohomish. The house is adorable! I even have my own bedroom. Quite delightful.

I'm currently at a coffee shop in the U District. Yay for free WiFi and friends who loan me their laptops! I'm planning on doing a lot of writing and exploring today. I had to get up at te crack of dawn to get a ride with Brooke on her way to work. You know, getting up early isn't bad at all when you're looking forward to the day ahead of you. I've been surprised with all the natural energy I've had the past few days. It's weirding me out. In a good way.

I want to thank everyone who helped me prepare for this crazy trip. Thank you for helping me pack, storing my stuff, watching my car, giving me a place to sleep, feeding me, taking me to the airport, picking me up from he airport. Most of all thank you for your love and support. My friends and family are the best. I am blown away by the amazing people in my life.

ps. Happy Birthday to my little sister! I love you!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Back From The Dead!

My mother hates when I describe myself as "dead inside." I say it half-jokingly, but the truth is the daily grind was killing my soul and stifling my creativity. I had to get out. Just take a look at this picture. A coworker randomly snapped a pic on his phone and this was the result. I wasn't posing or anything. Sorry Mom, but the only caption I can come up with is: DEAD INSIDE.

The good news? I'm back from the dead! I daydreamed and planned and pinched pennies and thought of a way to become a nomad. The time is finally here. In less than a week I will leave for my adventure. I'll soon be posting pictures where you can see the JOY in my face! I haven't been this happy in a really long time. Sure I had plenty of doubts (Did I budget enough? What about this recession? Am I crazy? blah blah blah). But the idea of not going was more terrifying than any of these other doubts.

The plan is to travel around the U.S. visiting friends and family. I hope to get a lot of writing done along the way. I can't wait to explore new cities! First stop, Seattle! My Seattle friend suggested I write all about my pre-trip thoughts, but I don't have much to say. It all feels very surreal. It's very, very strange. I don't know how to describe it.

Photo courtesy of Mike Hansel.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's Not You. It's Me.

Dear L.A.

It's not you, it's me. I don't think we should see each other for a while. It's not a breakup exactly. Just a break. Yes, I plan on seeing other cities. I expect you to see other people, too. I'm quitting my job and traveling around the country. Maybe when I come back we can get together and decide what to do next.

Don't cry. I hate it when you cry. We've had some great times together. It's just that I'm feeling suffocated. I'm in a rut, and I need a change. I hope you can understand.

I love you. Goodbye.